The Female Mind Mastery System

The Female Mind Mastery System

What is it?

The female mind mastery system is one of a kind program to help guys take a woman from a conversation to the bedroom and then rocking her world once you’re there. This system shows you EVERYTHING.


The system takes the form of video lessons over the web able to be watched at your convenience. There are many instructors who personally show you the techniques needed to both get women into bed, and be good at it.

The program kickstarts itself by jumping straight into the 7 specialized procedures for making a woman horny, a lot of guys forget that women are sexual creatures too so making her horny is step number one!



Who Is Kirsten Price?

Kirsten Price is a model and a Wicked Pictures girl, and anybody who knows about wicked pictures knows they are the hottest girls around. She’s also won 3 Adult Video News awards and even hosted the event in 2010. What a lot of people don’t know, is that for the past 5 years, she’s been a professional dating coach, helping guys to improve their chances with women and she’s had a magnitude of success with it.

Here she is below in a small clip from her Female Mind Mastery system check it out.


The big secret about getting a woman to like you is to get her to like herself while she is in your company. The female is an introspective species. Because it is their principal role in creation to care for and nurture babies, it becomes a necessity with them to focus on themselves most of the time and make sure everything about them is in order.

So when you approach a woman, intending to win her favor, don’t start and end the conversation by talking about yourself. Otherwise, you will never see her for more than 30 seconds ever again. That is the time it will take for her to leave the place where she finds you.

Take in the details of her clothes, her hat, her handbag, and her face as you approach her. In this regard, it would be a distinct advantage for you to know something about what women wear and the accessories they are forever trimming themselves with.

Note carefully that women are particularly attracted on a platonic or intellectual level to couturiers because these people make it their business to make women beautiful.

And platonic is the right way to start a relationship with a woman. Talk about how lovely she is, how young she looks, how appropriate her clothes look on her, how nice her pet poodle is, how tasteful her home décor is and of course, don’t ever forget to compliment her on her cooking. And don’t forget the little gestures of thoughtfulness, like the cliché of picking up the dropped handkerchief or purse, opening a door for her or helping her to get seated.

And when she begins to talk about herself, brace yourself to listen with all the heart and sympathy you can muster. Women can detect pretended attention and that won’t make them happy.

Keep your conversations light and playful. Unless the lady you are courting is a writer, don’t get the conversation around to scholarly topics. This bores most women.

If you feel you would like to establish a more lasting relationship with a woman, get to know her better first. This will probably be the time for you to become more down-to-earth in your interaction with her so that you can get a glimpse into the real person under those fashionable clothes. The secret of making women confide in you without any misgivings is not to for you to agree 100 percent with all their opinions.

The secret lies in your ability to state an opposing opinion in a gentle way. For this, you need excellent mastery of language. You can find resources on the internet on nice ways to say bad things. While the tips you find may not all be applicable, there will be some things that will be useful for undertaking personal conversations well.


So expect to do two things before you can really get a woman to like you. Find out what she is on the outside first. If you like what you see, get your interaction into a deeper and more personal level so that you can either get to know and like each other better or stop whatever it was you were getting into.

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