Surprising- Stars Who Eat Some Foods Everyday

So many celebrities don’t feel afraid to show off that they’re foodies and love to consume different cuisines/foods daily. however, Some are content with the similar dish or foods… it does not matter whether from force of daily habit or as they’re trying to stay fit and healthy. Today we are sharing from Cindy Crawford to Mariah Carey, here are some of the latter kind.

Eva Mendes-

2005- The “Hitch” actress were sharing some interesting details regarding her daily eating habits with Shape magazine in April 2017, she added, “with the use of eggs I usually start my day. I think they work like a magic – you can also do much with them. I try to keep it simple and used scrambled eggs with a piece of Ezekiel toast for breakfast.  in my lunch time, I take salmon and rice or quinoa, and also prefer to add a salad. I eat the same thing  during dinner time. I’m like a creature habit in this way. while I don’t ever get bored with food.”

Chrissy Teigen-

In 2017, the wonderful model showed of her go-to-meal on Twitter, prescribing that: “I normally try have garlic covered whole branzino a day. Sometimes i also have two time. I know that I can’t stop doing this. It’s my problem.”

Mariah Carey-

The singer and amazing songwriter shared her secret plans about diet with E! News released in November 2016. She added that: “It’s truly too much hard. it is about My diet, you would be surely hate it. can you eat Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That’s my diet.”

Cindy Crawford- 

The supermodel very stick to use “some kind of salad daily.” She added People magazine that she love to drink a cup of green tea daily.

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