Selena Gomez Added: 2019 was really powerful for me

Selena Gomez added that 2019 was really powerful for me, and I’m so proud of how hard I worked

Selena Gomez, who have gone through hell and high water as she has made her comeback in 2019, she says that this year has been extremely powerful for her. The 27-year-old singer shared that she is proud of how hard she worked.

It’s been an unbelievable 2019 for one Ms. Selena Gomez, who ongoing the 2019 from her rehab period post suffering from multiple emotional breakdowns. The singer functioned towards a happier and healthier lifestyle and only spent excellence period with her close friends and family members. Post a break of few months, Selena backed on the game as stronger than ever as she released not one but two singles – Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now. Lose You To Love Me earned Gomez her first number one in the Billboard Hot 100.

In a recent interview with InStyle, Selena got open about her 2019 so far and how it’s her most powerful year yet, saying, “I think every time the holidays come up, there’s some part of you where you kind of sit and reproduce on the year. This year was really, really powerful, good and best for me. I can say that I’m so proud of how I worked hard.” Currently, for the holidays, Gomez shared that she’s excited to just sit back with her family, enjoy and turn off everything.

“I always just think about what happened, and where I want to go in life, and hope for the best,” the 27-year-old singer shared.

We’re so happy for Selena and can’t wait for her upcoming album!

She will come with her upcoming album, which will be release on January 10, 2020, Gomez revealed, “I can say this, and it might not sound right, but I’ve tried my hardest to make this the best album I’ve ever done. And I feel like I lived up to the expectations.”


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