Outstanding Summer Hair Colors to Rock Right Now, 2019

When we talk about summer hair colors, most of us crave something a little cooler. Lighter hues replace deep, dark styles on red carpets and boardwalks with pretty pastels, pearlescent looks, and highlights aplenty. Looking to carry the summer sunshine with you all year long? These hues are gorgeous, no matter the season. After you pick your perfect shade, consider our short hair ideas, layered inspo, and braided hairstyles to complete your look. keep scrolling to Check out Outstanding Summer Hair Colors to Rock Right Now, 2019

Bright Blonde

“As spring and summer get closer people are going to lighten the colours they have now by a few shades,” expert Say. “We’ll be seeing bright blondes with baby highlights.”

Carrie Underwood - Best Summer Hair Color

Mushroom Brown

Another lighter shade Lint predicts is a softer brown tone for those who dyed their hair dark brown over the summer.

Olivia Palermo - Best Summer Hair Colors

Vibrant Red

“Summer is all about bright and vibrant colours! “if you want something more understated, try to match Madelaine Petsch’s red hair.

Madelaine Petsch - Best Summer Hair Colors

Dark Roots

You can still lighten your locks without bleaching your hair. A subtle gradient, like Tisdale’s, will give you a summer-friendly buttery blonde while still staying true to your natural roots (literally).

Ashley Tisdale - Best Summer Hair Colors


If you want to take your brown locks up a few notches without going for a complete overhaul, add subtle caramel highlights like Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen - Best Summer Hair Colors

Rose Gold

All that glitters is actually rose gold. Lean into the latest color trend by adding subtle rosy hues into your blonde hair for a fun summer look, inspired.

Iskra Lawrence - Best Summer Hair Colors

Honey Blonde

Instead of adding loads of platinum highlights, mix in a blend of dark blonde and light brown shades for a natural style.

Taylor Swift - Best Summer Hair Colors


Not quite blonde, not quite tangerine, “blorange” is a pared down way to transition into a rainbow hair style. Plus, it’s essentially the color of sunshine, making it the ideal summertime shade.

Emma Stone - Best Summer Hair Colors


Let your hair make a statement with colourful dipped tips. Keep your natural colour intact and give the ends of your hair a little love with shades of blue, purple, pink, the list goes on. And if you hate it, you can always give your hair a little chop. No harm, no foul.

Iggy Azalea - Best Summer Hair Color

True Gold

Blondes looking to go just a bit warmer as temps rise — this one for you. Without being brassy, rich yellow-gold hues offer a lovely contrast against fair skin.

Elle Fanning - Best Summer Hair Color

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