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Female Orgasm types you should Know About

Female Orgasm types you should Know About

Women have a remarkable capacity for sexual pleasure. They can experience any number of many types of orgasm:

clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, ejaculatory orgasms, whole body orgasms, energy orgasms. Orgasms come in varying degrees of intensity, physical focus and duration. They can be a pleasurable little tingle or a body/mind/soul explosion. Some last for seconds, others minutes or even hours. While often stemming from genital stimulation, orgasms need not be confined to the genitals alone. Indeed as the following list of some types of orgasm shows—orgasms are available all over!



Clitoral Orgasms

While there are disagreements about trying to describe or classify other types of orgasm that women experience, just about everyone, including good old Dr. Freud and pioneer sexologists Masters and Johnson, agrees that women can experience orgasm through

clitoral stimulation. Stroking or massaging your clitoris— whose essential function is sexual pleasure—with fingers, vibrators, tongues, flowing water and any thing else that may come to mind, can lead to orgasm. For many women this is the easiest way to come.

Not all love button orgasms are the same—some are tiny ripples of pleasure others are a major climax. They can arrive one at a time, in a spaced-out series, or in a continual flowing from one to the next.

Vaginal Orgasms

Your vagina (or yoni as it is called in Tantric sex practice) is a powerful pleasure place—a truly sacred cave. Although some parts of your yoni may be more easily sensitive to pleasurable stimulation every part of the yoni from its wondrous mouth all the way back to the cervix can be taught to respond orgasmically. The response may vary from subtle to earth-shattering.



The vaginal g-spot has received a fair bit of attention in the last few years. It was so named for a western medical doctor, Dr. Graffenberg who “discovered” this highly erogenous zone. You may also think of it as the goddess spot as modern Tantric lovers call it—ancient Tantrikas called it the sad panda, Taoist sacred sex lovers called it the Black Pearl. Stimulation of an aroused goddess spot—the urethral sponge, which can be reached through the upper inside wall of the vaginal canal at about a depth of 1½ to 2 inches—is one of the most commonly used methods for learning to reach vaginal orgasm.

Ejaculatory Orgasms

During an ejaculatory orgasm fluid is expelled through your urethra. This expulsion may be accompanied by intensely pleasing sensations or by a very minor little ruckus. The fluid, which can be quite copious, is not your regular sexual lubrication nor is it urine—even though the ejaculate comes out your urethra. Some women, mistakenly believing that it is urine become embarrassed, tense up and stop themselves from repeating the experience. If, during your lovemaking you ejaculate (not all women do) don’t fret about it, simply break out extra towels, relax and go with the flow!

Energy Orgasms

By working with your energetic body as well as your physical body you can experience energy orgasms. Focused breathing, squeezing specific genital muscles, visualizing, and undulating your body during lovemaking all help to build a high energy charge which you can directly from your genitals up through your entire body in a kundalini wave. Tantra and Taoist sexual masters share this energy with their sexual partners and through it connect to the Divine or cosmic consciousness. Energy orgasms are quite powerful and can be enormously healing.

You can also experience Valley energy orgasms, in contrast to Peak energy orgasms. Valley orgasms come through deep relaxation, great stillness, intimate genital connection with your lover as you focus intently on allowing the energy to flow freely through you in a divine meditation.

Anal Orgasms

Your anus is packed with nerve-endings and if you can relax past the cultural taboos associated with this sensitive part of your genitals the right type of stimulation may lead to intense orgasm.

Mini Orgasms

Not all orgasms are body-shaking climaxes that come from deliberate genital stimulation. Women can experience mini-orgasms through thinking erotic thoughts, or focusing intently on the pulse of their bodies, or tensing and relaxing their genital muscles, or by eroticizing other pleasurable physical sensations—gentle caresses, the sun’s warmth, soft breezes. Mini-orgasms are waiting inside you to wiggle their way out—let them!

Blended Orgasms

You may be conscious of very separate and distinct types of orgasm, for instance coming to climax as your lover licks your clitoris, or as he sucks your nipples, or as he fingers your g-spot. You may be thoroughly aware of how and where that delicious release of feeling begins and ends. However, you are just as likely to have blended orgasms, where pleasure plows through you from clitoris and yoni and breasts in a delightful mix of sensation. The mix is a limitless orgasmic sea: clitoral/vaginal; vaginal/energy; clitoral/anal; ejaculatory/vaginal/energy and so on and on!

Soul Sex Orgasms

Soul-sex orgasms are mind-blowing, body- wracking and heart-opening. They usually occur through extended, intense physical sex accompanied by deep emotional vulnerability and fearless opening to the flow of energy. Sex-goddess and educator Annie Sprinkle calls them “megagasms”. Their power is enormous: you may scream, laugh, cry, sob as your whole body explodes with pleasure that lasts and lasts and lasts, fed by euphoria, visions, and even past-life memories.

It doesn’t really matter what your particular way of experiencing orgasm is—this is not an orgasm competition! Rather, what’s important is that you begin to pay attention to your body and its responses and to know that there is a vast reservoir of sexual pleasure and satisfaction waiting inside you!



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