Eyeshadow Colors Everyone can This Summer …

Summer can be a great time to experiment with colors. At the same time, you want to keep your makeup light when you are going about your day, as the heat and humidity can weigh on your skin. When going out at night, you can play up your eyes or even keep the focal point of your look to your lips, with a bright lipstick. This way, you can play with colors without worrying that your face will melt off in the summer heat.

This year we have heard a lot about neons, which can be good for lips, nails, and eyes. Nude colors are easy to maintain and there is a shade out there for everyone. Turquoise is perfect for making your lids glimmer like the ocean water on a hot summer day. Even pastel colors, which were hot in the spring, can really pop against your tan summer skin while still looking soft on lighter skin.

Check out the hottest Eyeshadow colors of the summer that are not only popular this season, but flatter all skin tones in the slideshow above, and let us know your favorites of the moment in the comments section below!

If Your Eyes Are Green…

“Your eyes are naturally bright, so you don’t have to rely on vivid shadows and liners to attract attention,” Son says. “A muted purple is the perfect pop for a night out, and a shimmery brown is just enough color during the day.”

If Your Eyes Are Blue…

Light, neutral tones best complement cool blue eyes. “Steer clear of anything harsh, like an overly dark, smokey look,” Son says. “Apply softer, tonal shades like coral and champagne—they’ll catch the glint in the iris, but won’t distract.”

If Your Eyes Are Gray…

Sooty, smoky shades enhance gray eyes. “Add light depth with a hazy wash of misty gray or a silvery blue,” Son says. “Choosing a similar steely hue is the best way to subtly play up this rare eye color.”

If Your Eyes Are Dark Brown…

Dusting lids with rich pigment amps up dark eyes. “Create the illusion of giant eyes with strong shades like violet, silver and chocolate,” Son says. “Accentuate dark eyes even more with black liner in the waterline to define.”

If Your Eyes Are Hazel…

Choose the metallics and pastels in your palette. “Heavy, smoky shadows tend to hide the subtle hints of green and gold in multi-tonal eyes,” Son says. “On the other hand, delicate metallics and dusty pinks intensify the flecks and make light brown eyes sparkle.”

If Your Eyes Are Brown…

(Almost) anything goes. “Most colors work well with beautiful brown eyes, but neutral shades like salmon and bronzy gold really accentuate them,” Son says. “Whatever color you choose, try blending the crease with black shadow to add a touch of intensity.” Visit here for online shopping in pakistan.

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