Emma Watson Secrets About That Would Get Her Kicked Out Of Hogwarts

Emma Watson Secrets About That Would Get Her Kicked Out Of Hogwarts

Emma Watson graced our screens during her Harry Potter days and her career started when she was really young. She grew up in the eyes of the media and public and she has made front page news for controversy headlines which make us question how good her image actually is. After endless research, this starlet definitely has some things she would like to keep hidden and yes her bad image has been portrayed for the world to see but the meaning behind it has been kept secret. Ms. Watson has secrets which make us question her image and well honestly she would be kicked out of Hogwarts for her bad behavior! Emma loves to drink and during her days at Brown University, she threw dorm parties and went clubbing on numerous occasions. Watson has even tried to sneak into clubs when she was underage during her teen years and she broke into a swimming pool!

She also has a long string of ex-boyfriends and she has dated a man 10 years older than her. Her movie roles have changed significantly and are way more adult than her Potter days. Emma’s group of friends are also known for bad behaviour and her outfit choices have become way to revealing. Her photo shoots are jaw-dropping and Hollywood has reacted! Watson’s innocent doe eyes don’t have us fooled and no matter how hard she tries to hide it behind her feminism Emma.     Female life Secret  [Reference Content]   


Emma should know that you can’t hide from the lurking eyes of the camera lens and that whatever you want to keep private will come out. This is the case for her private moments with her boyfriends. Some of the pictures taken are innocent, such as the ones of her and Chord Overstreet walking hand in hand while walking the streets of Hollywood, but then there are ones of her kissing her boyfriends. Watson’s vacation photos are the best since they reveal her PDA moments, especially the ones where she was caught getting really lovey-dovey with her then-boyfriend, Matthew Janney, in 2014. Matthew had his hands around her and Emma bared it all in a bikini. The couple was also caught embracing one another and kissing in the ocean. Watson has also been caught with another boyfriend kissing at night when she thought no one was looking, but the paps totally did. Emma does prefer keeping the PDA moments to a minimum since she wants the world to still see her as that sweet girl, but sometimes, she even struggles to keep the act. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


We all know how much Jennifer and Kristen love to party since they often have made headlines for their heavy partying and now Emma has joined their clique and the three of them cause mischief during their girls night out. They secretly go clubbing together and arrive in separate cars, though, because they want to keep it hush. Watson needs everyone to think that she hangs out with friends who aren’t bad influences and that’s why we hardly know anything about this friendship. A source confirmed their friendship while they were at the Soho House in Toronto.

“They’re just three girls having a quiet chat after a long day and an even longer night working.”

The only times they’ve been witnessed hanging out is at private clubs instead of public areas and they do talk to one another at events. Thankfully, Kristen and Jennifer don’t mind the secrecy. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Over the years, Emma’s dresses have become shorter and more revealing and flashier. Before 2008, her dresses were long and covered every part of her chest and each year, the length kept on getting shorter. In 2008 and 2009, the chest was still kept covered, but in 2011, things started changing as the length remained short, but she kept showing more cleavage. This change was evident at every public event, even when she was caught stumbling out of a car after clubbing. There are only rare occasions when she does wear a long dress and that’s for occasions where she has to reveal her clean image. The shorter dresses are obviously a sign of how much Emma has changed from her teenage years to adulthood, but even though she’s now an adult, it doesn’t mean she has to wear short dresses since some older celebrities do wear long dresses and like to stay covered up. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Emma has always had a problem with swearing which is a definite no when you’re in the spotlight constantly and it’s definitely not tolerated at Hogwarts. You would think Watson would abide by these rules, but that’s not the case for her. She managed to keep it quiet and now she doesn’t care who hears, maybe J-Law rubbed off on her since we all know how much Lawrence loves to swear. Watson swore during her small part on This Is the End and cussed on The Jonathan Ross Show. It was in regard to Jonathan’s question of how she is in person.

It’s not ideal to curse on live TV and Emma didn’t even look phased by it — it seemed like it was a natural thing for her to do.

What makes it even shadier is it was in 2012 and it came as a shock since fans don’t expect that from her and yet, she does it and quite often, especially when she’s with friends. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]



You may think a 10-year-age difference isn’t bad considering the age gap between Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, but the age gap between Emma and her ex-boyfriend, WilliamMack’ Knight, is still significant since her innocent ways will be seen as a farce now that she’s dated a man who is more mature and experienced than she is. Emma was 25 at the time of their courtship and the relationship lasted about a year. That’s not the only significant age gap relationship she’s been in — she dated Jay Barrymore who was 25 at the time but Emma was only 17. When you’re that age, I think the highest you can go is 20 because of maturity reasons and she wouldn’t have been legal to do things that Jay would have been able to do. Watson was already doing questionable things when she was a teenager and she kept both relationships hush so that the truth about her dating preferences wouldn’t come out.Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Watson has two wardrobes — one for the public and the other is secret. Her outfit choices for the public eye is conservative with slacks, blazers, and white business shirts with heels. There is nothing wrong with this look since it isn’t revealing and Watson can keep her innocent appeal. On the other hand, Emma has a completely different look when she thinks she’s not in the public’s eye, but the paparazzi always find a way to get pictures. She wore jeans and t-shirts in the past and she has now ditched those for super short denim shorts and tops that show a lot of skin. Watson wants the world to see her good side and tries to hide her scandalous side, but lucky for us, she fails since she’s been spotted by the paps in these more revealing outfits. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Emma did skyrocket to fame for her role in Harry Potter and now that she’s older, she wants to ditch that clean image for a new one that reveals to the world she is no sweetheart. Emma’s role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower was her first role after her Hermione days and the complete change was evident as Watson played a rebellious party animal teen who did questionable things. Fans were shocked and didn’t know how to react because Emma wasn’t seen as a child anymore. Watson loved it as it felt like she was saying goodbye to her image,


“I started as Emma with some Hermione still left in my system.” The tunnel scene is a memorable moment for her,  though. “I went through the tunnel and I came out ready to start something new.”

Since then, Emma has kept up with her bad-girl parts in films and the only exception was Beauty and The Beast which she didn’t even want be in. The most questionable role to date is her guest part in Seth Rogen’s movie, This Is the End, since she was swearing and acted like her rebellious self.


When Emma decided to ditch Brown University everyone was wondering why, and she came clean about it. It wasn’t because of bullying, which was the rumour, it was from partying to much. Watson even admitted what she was getting up to.

“I threw a party for nearly 100 students and not a single person put a photo on Facebook.”

A college student has confessed what Emma got up to with her friends: “She frequented college bars, and occasionally went clubbing. I saw her once at Camera, which is a club.” It seems Watson enjoyed the partying side of college more than the actual study and no wonder because everyone in the class would tease her with Harry Potter references especially the house names. Watson just wanted to fit in with everyone but because of her fame, she can’t! Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


According to The Mirror, Emma has a rebellious streak that tends to come out when she’s with her friends. During a stay at a hotel one night, Emma and her friends decided to be naughty and break into the swimming pool at 3 in the morning. This comes as a surprise because of her squeaky-clean image.

“The next thing they saw was me 7 feet up in the air, scaling this fence. I shouldn’t be able to get away with what I’m getting away with.”

Emma used this experience for her role in The Bling Ring since she has broken into a room just like she had to do in the movie. Watson likes to take risks and she did it only because she wanted to see if she could get away with it. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]



Watson told Expressthat she couldn’t lie when she was trying to get into clubs at 17. “They’d ask my age and my friends were already in the door, it was not even a big deal — and I was like, ‘I can’t do it’.” It’s all a lie since Emma was caught drinking with her first boyfriend and they often went clubbing, sources confirmed. I bet she doesn’t want those photos to be revealed, though.

In 2011, Emma and her co-stars from Harry Potter partied up a storm in London to drown their sorrows with dancing and fun as their childhood days with the popular franchise were over.

The partying did cheer them up and Emma hasn’t given up her partying ways. She still hits up the clubs today and dances to the early hours of the morning. Watson wishes to keep it secret, but the paps always catch her in the act and eyewitnesses always spill the deets. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]



Emma’s magazine cover images are certainly questionable and portray the youngster in a very different light from what she should be portrayed as — a sweet innocent woman who can cause no trouble. Well, the images paint a different story as they are revealing, and Emma is looking anything but virtuous. Her Vanity Fair cover sparked the most outrage as her chest was out there for the whole world to see and she was hardly wearing anything. In Elle, Watson’s top was way too open and the photographs were taken just before Emma’s massive transformation. During her Harry Potter days, the photo shoots were conservative, and the outfit selections did reveal her good-girl image, but her images now are very revealing. Watson’s poses are also very seductive and reveals a model side to her. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


No one knows this since Emma wants the world to think she is Hollywood’s sweetheart, but in reality, she is a diva and has a bad attitude. Emma does a lot of speeches for the UN since is an ambassador and Elle wanted to award her with a “woman of the year” trophy last year. Emma acted like a total diva and said she wasn’t interested in the award. The whole night was a disaster since she displayed bad behavior with a number of things during the night. First of all, Watson didn’t want to walk with other celebrities on the red carpet and she kept organizers waiting for 90 minutes. A source told Daily Mail,

“She also insisted on only having her picture taken in a special room with her chosen photographer rather than alongside all the other stars at the bash. She was behaving like a diva.”

The star also left abruptly alone after taking the award and she didn’t even stay for the after party to celebrate. This is questionable behaviour especially since Emma is known for her love of women’s rights and the award is rewarding her work. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Emma doesn’t want her list of flings to be released and confirmed with the media. Her flings add up to about over 10 and each one only lasted for a few months and some for only a few days. Emma went on a few dates with rock stars, a co-star, and was romantically linked to Harry Styles. They all didn’t last long because Emma is always in the spotlight!

Most of her flings were the men she met at Brown and her long relationships were with rugby players during her teen years.

Watson loves her rugby players. Emma tries to deny it all, but the photos released tell a different story and that no matter how she tries to deny it, she doesn’t have us fooled. Her long list of men is controversial as well because Watson is known for her feminism and claims, “I don’t need a man,” but then she can’t seem to live without one.


Watson had to do a pole dancing scene for her extreme bad-girl role in The Bling Ring. The actress played a teenager who broke into celebrity homes and Emma revealed a lot of skin with the outfits she had to wear. Watson admits to The Guardian,

“I want to play roles that transform me. Nicki seemed like an opportunity to do that.”

The role of Hermione Granger brought a whole lot of expectations of Emma which she had to portray for the public and now she wants to break ties with that part of her life. Fair enough Emma, but you really outdid it by trying to shake off your “clean behavior” with bad conduct since the public went crazy when Watson had to pole dance for her role! Emma had pole dancing lessons and she really enjoyed it and even made a comment, “I’m just a really awkward s*xy person.” Even though it was for a role, what makes it so shady is that she continues her lessons and it has become her new hobby.

actual fact, not such a good girl like she claims she is. Female life Secret  [Reference Content]


Emma likes to drink, and she tries to hide this fact during interviews. During an interview with David Letterman Watson didn’t want to answer his question and was very coy with her response. Letterman was grinding her to confess about how much she drinks and what she drinks. Emma’s response was, “I’m dying here. Can we move on?” and then admitted “I got very, very drunk once. Everybody does, right?” Yes, everyone does but not all the time! What makes it so questionable, though, is that images reveal Emma drinking when she had an innocent and young face, which means it happened all before her big change into adulthood. Now she is of age and can enjoy her drinks in peace, but because of her wanting to have a clean image, it’s not advised! Also, her younger drinking days have come out and now it’s been revealed that Emma has never actually had a clean image! Female life Secret  [Reference Content]

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